Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hello blogging world again....it has been awhile. So where to start, we have had some major changes in our lives over the past year all have been great in their own way and hard too. So I finished my first full year of teaching my awesome 4th graders who I absolutely adored even though sometimes it was really hard, I still love them and miss them. Before the school year ended Zac got a job offer we could not refuse so we decided we would move to Utah. We quickly cleaned our house packed everything up and moved everything to Utah all while I am still teaching school May was a whirlwind of a month. Once school was out for the school year Zac and I took a much needed vacation to Mexico and it was awesome. It rained everyday but it was beautiful and we enjoyed the beach even when it was raining.
Oh I almost forgot in May I also started my masters degree, it is a fast pase program that is only 10 months long.
After returning from Mexico I said goodbye to Zac as he had to move to Utah right away and I had to stay to start my third summer of teaching golf lessons. Which I absolutely loved!! I was in the sun everyday and playing the sport I have fallen in love with again. Our summer flew by, we had a family reunion in Nebraska, and to end a great summer we headed to the moutains for a girls weekend.
I then quickly returned to Boise after our weekend and I had to get the car packed up and finish moving myself to Utah. I had one day before I had to start at my new school, crazy cray week let me tell you! So then I got to meet my awesome little 3rd graders, they are amazing and they surprise me everyday with how smart they are. Truly amazing!
So then came the end of August and our family grew by one. Zac's sister and her husband were blessed by adoption and we became an aunt and uncle! We are absolutely in LOVE with our niece. We just wish they lived closer so we could love on her more! While little miss Zoƫ was being born we took a quick trip to Seattle with my family to cheer on the Broncos. Unfortunately we lost but that is okay we still love them anyways. We had a blast, we ate great food, and I even got to go to my first PAX convention. If you do not know what it is you should look it up.....I did not fit in haha.
Our fall was filled with lots of football games, Zac was able to coach with his dad and brother this fall for the Summit Bears. Even though they did not win very much it was still fun to go to the games to watch my man do his thing! I even made a few trips home to watch my Broncos!!
Our holidays were filled with family, friends, lots of food, and awesome gifts.
Now to the fun stuff! For Christmas we gave Zac's dad tickets to the College World Series in June. We are so excited to go! It has always been a dream of Scott's to go so we are excited to make it come true! Then my gift to Zac for Christmas is a trip to Vancouver, Canada. We are so excited to go explore the beautiful city and hopefully take lots of pictures! So come July our cameras and passports will be ready!
In other exciting news I finish my masters on March 1st! I can see the light and I am so excited! I have learned so much and have even used a lot of what I am learning in my classroom. Even more exciting is I get to walk on April 26th in Portland!! Yahoo! Zac has never been to the coast so it will be exciting to show him all the cool spots in Oregon.
On April 22 I am taking a playing test so I can start being apart of the LPGA I am also so excited about this, it has been a dream of mine ever since I was little and I don't think I could not have come this far without the help the head pro back home at the course. He truly has helped me believe I can do it, so on April 22 wish me luck and keep me in your prayers. :)
Well I think I have posted enough and have updated mostly of what has happened hopefully now that our lives are starting to slow down I will be able to post more, so I can keep track of all our wonderful memories.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

January is almost over!!

Wow it has been awhile since I lasted posted! I am going to try to be better it is one of my goals, but teaching has really taken over my world haha. I am loving the challenge teaching has brought me! It is fun when I get to be on the creative side of things! My students are awesome they know so much already and we still have half the year left, probably the most amazing part where my students have grown is in the math department. They came in not really knowing the basics like simple addition and subtraction, we had major jumps backwards and there was a lot of tears on my end. But no worries with lots of love and help and dedication from the students we have made it to where we need to be and they are awesome. These kiddos are multiplying like made and they are awesome at division! Next comes the really fun part of our curriculum fractions, decimals, and graphing data! 
As far as our home goes we had a rough fall, Zac started with AFLAC and has now moved onto work with Wells Fargo and our home has become a little less stressful and more enjoyable. We really do appreciate that we got to experience these challenges together and they have made us that much stronger. 
As far as football went this fall I think the boys did an amazing job, being as it was their first year as a team and they were mostly freshman and sophomores playing juniors and seniors. They didn't end up going to state but I am very proud of how far they did get! My father in law did an amazing job coaching those boys and I can't wait for next season!! 
One thing I am missing desperately this winter is the skiing we have not gone yet and seeing as January is almost over this is a problem....the snow at our local resort has not been the greatest and I got sick with a cold so we were unable to drive to the next closest resort which has lots of great snow. But I am on the mend and we are going to go hopefully really soon. On the bright side though we have planned a little vacation to go down to Utah in February to have a little ski weekend and I am so stoked. So if you are in town while we are there please come and join us!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summit Academy's First Football Game!

This past weekend we drove down to Salt Lake to watch Summits first ever football game! This year they are ranked as a 1A school for football. The team they played was Millford High which is 3 hours southwest of Salt Lake, the town is very small and they only have one restaurant which was Subway. It was such a cute little town, you could tell the recession hit them pretty hard but those boys were so excited to be playing! So to start the game there were some pretty dark clouds over head and then it decided to pour right when the cheerleaders went out to the middle of the field for the national anthem. Linda was smart enough to bring an umbrella, she got it out and we thought it should blow over soon but it just kept raining harder, all we could do was just laugh! Then the lightening came and they delayed the game, Linda and I ran to our car and on the way we got even more soaked! It was so funny.....mostly because we were so unprepared. It was a great first memory of Summit football!!! Summit won the game and it was awesome!! I can't wait to go to more games this season!! Way to go Bears!

Oh I almost forgot on the way down we stopped in Beaver at the cheese factory outlet and got squeaky cheese it was amazing!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

4 years.....

It really is crazy to me that another year has come and gone! So to keep up with the tradition here are a few things that we have done over the past year...
I student taught in Kindergarten
I graduated from Boise State 
I was an ERI/Title I teacher 
Zac is now certified to sell health and life insurance 
Zac has a new job
I got a job as a 4th grade teacher at Star
We went to California 
We went to Florida....AMAZING
We went to the ER for the first time in our marriage....Zac has a kidney stone
I won a golf tournament 
We got a new car
We go on lots of bike rides
We started doing CrossFit and we absolutely love it!
Wow we have done so much in a year! I can't wait to see what this next year has to offer! Love you Zac thanks for being an amazing husband!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Alright Pictures from April till Now!

Alright so I thought I would play catch up by just posting a bunch of pictures! Enjoy!!! 
 These first few pictures our from our trip to Florida. 

These pictures are from our most recent trip out to California when we went and visited Zac's sister and Brother-in-law.
These are a few pictures from the fourth.
  These are the most recent, we went to a Boise Hawks game, Zac got a kidney stone, I played in a Pro Junior Golf Tournament and these were my awesome teammates!! Oh and the picture of my leg is from April, one of my puppies accidently bit me.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Exciting Stuff!

Wow I really am terrible at this blog thing....I am going to make it a goal to post at least 2 times a month.
So some really exciting things have happened here lately. First we will do a little recap of what has happened.
We went to Orlando in April and it was so FUN! It was a great little get away, and it was fun to spend some time with Zac's family! Then it was also my birthday and it was pretty low key we just went out to dinner and hung around home! Zac got me some sweet new kicks as well as some new GOLF Clubs! I will put a picture up on my next post....promise! 
In May I started my Get Golf Ready golf lessons that i teach with my friend Kelly and they were so much fun! We just finished our first ladies session and now we are on our second ladies sessions and our first Juniors lessons! I am loving it and learning so much! I also wrapped up the school year with my Title I and ERI job and it was exciting but sad at the same time, I am going to miss working with those kiddos every day! Oh I also had a job interview with Summit Academy and they offered me an assist teaching position which was awesome! 
Okay ready for the most exciting part of this post! I was offered a full time teaching position with Star Elementary and I will be teaching 4th grade! I am SO SO excited, I did my first semester of student teaching in 4th grade and LOVED working with my mentor and now we get to be teaching colleagues and I am way excited!! When I found out I had to immediately go out and do a little shopping! 
Anyways we are getting the car all packed to head down to the OC to spend sometime with Zac's family and I promise when I get back I will post a lot of pictures of the last few months! 

Love love

Monday, March 26, 2012

Where has March gone....

Wow I have been really bad at this whole blog thing....so let me back track a little on what has happened since the last post we have celebrated 3 birthdays in the family and 1 anniversary and they all occurred  a week.....first up was my little brother Ben, he turned the BIG 21!! Oh and he survived Vegas! Next up was my parent's 26th wedding anniversary, Love you Mom and Dad you guys are an amazing example! Then Granny had her birthday! I was very sad I didn't get to go to her birthday brunch but from what I hear it was very nice, Happy Birthday Granny!!! I love you so much! Then finally to wrap up the crazy week was my Dad's birthday, we had a nice little evening at home and ate way to much lasagna, pie and cookies.
So you may ask what has been keeping me busy right....well teaching for one thing has me really busy I am always trying to find new ways I can help my little kiddos on their reading skills and I absolutely LOVE it! Another thing is the golf course is back up and running and this year I am a teaching professional so every chance I get I am at the course either practicing, helping give a lesson, or watching my mentors give lessons! I am so excited about it! 

OH AND HOW COULD I NOT SAY ANYTHING I AM LEAVING FOR FLORIDA IN 1 WEEK!!!! I am so STOKED if you could not tell hehe. Until next time.